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Drug Rehab Louisiana

Louisiana is faced with several substance abuse problems, including illicit drug and alcohol abuse as well as non-medical abuse of prescription drugs. While there are support groups, outpatient programs, and other apparent solutions available for individuals who need help in Louisiana for substance abuse, residents need to understand that not all of these programs and facilities are going to provide the intensity of treatment or type of treatment necessary to suit their particular needs. While less of a commitment is necessary for outpatient programs, 12-step groups, etc. it is almost always necessary for individuals to have an environmental change so that they have better clarity about their problem. And short-term programs are likewise often insufficient for Louisiana residents, because this is often only sufficient time to resolve physical manifestations of addiction and very superficial issues. So when choosing a drug rehab program in Louisiana for yourself or someone you care about, understand what all of the options are in the state so that you can choose the one which is going to be most beneficial in the long term, not just the short term.

Overcoming addiction is rarely something which can be accomplished with willpower alone, although individuals may be so convinced when they are in denial about the extent of their problem. Someone implying they can quit whenever they want is really a just an effort for them to justify their drug use and give impression that they are in control of the situation. No matter how delusional they are, the actual fact of the matter is that individuals don't have control or they would stop, and they are at the mercy of drug cravings and debilitating physical and psychological dependence. When someone does attempt to quit on their own and relapses which is often the case, it can be extremely discouraging and seem as though there is never an end to it. But why this doesn't work is because the individual is merely trying to overcome acute physical symptoms of addiction, when this actually has nothing to do with the actual reason they turned to drugs or alcohol in the first place. Treatment professionals at a drug rehab program in Louisiana are of course aware of the exact mechanics of addiction, and know that overcoming it takes a lot more than quitting cold turkey. It takes a comprehensive approach which addresses the physical, psychological and emotional issues which will help the individual remain abstinent for the rest of their lives, which is actually an extremely realistic goal when one takes the time in the appropriate drug rehab in Louisiana.

It can sometimes seem impossible to get through to someone in the throes of addiction even when it is more than obvious that their addiction has reached a crisis point, and that they likely won't make it through it without help. One extremely helpful tool which loved ones, friends, and even co-workers can use when an individual obviously needs help but refuses it or will not get help on their own is a drug intervention. A drug intervention can be organized with the help of a drug treatment counselor at a drug rehab in Louisiana, with or without the help of a professional interventionist. An intervention, as opposed to a casual confrontation which may not be productive, lays out all of the facts and presents a solution and an ultimatum if the individual doesn't get help in drug rehab. This is usually just enough pressure, dealt lovingly and out of concern, to convince an individual to get the lifesaving help they need. All preparations for the individual's arrival to drug rehab in Louisiana are made well in advance so that once they accept help they can begin their road to recovery right away.

In Louisiana drug rehab programs are available in either an outpatient, inpatient or residential drug rehab setting. Short term drug rehab facilities in Louisiana provide a very brief 30-day treatment period, and is usually just enough time to stabilize physical and receive brief counseling and therapy to address addiction issues. Long-term drug rehab facilities in Louisiana offer a much more multifaceted approach because there is enough time to address anything which could be triggering substance abuse and could continue to do so in the future. Individuals remain in long term inpatient or residential drug rehab in Louisiana for about 90-120 days, a drug rehab format in the state statistically proven to be the most beneficial treatment option in terms of long-term success rates.

The initial steps in a drug rehab program in Louisiana have to do with drug or alcohol detox, to assist clients through the detox and withdrawal process so that they are not in any physical danger and also not high or experiencing any effects of drugs or alcohol which could get in the way of the rest of the treatment process. Detoxing can be both physically and mentally overwhelming, as individuals begin to readjust without chemicals which they have relied on so long for their delusion of instant gratification which they have come to heavily rely on. While this readjustment is almost always a challenge, it is rarely a dangerous or risky proposition and is one which can be easily and safely overcome in a matter of days with the help of detox professionals at a drug rehab in Louisiana. Once detox is complete, the focus in any comprehensive program in Louisiana would be to find what triggers stress, anxiety, anger, low self esteem, and other factors in one's life that prompted the person to self medicate with drugs and alcohol. One by one, these things can be revealed and resolved so that the individual is not longer affected by them in the same way, and reacts to them in a much more proactive and productive way in the future. This makes a drug free life possible, but more importantly a higher quality of life as well.

If you know someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol in Louisiana, don't hesitate to contact a drug rehab program in the state and consult with a treatment counselor immediately to get any questions answered and get you to someone you care about on the road to rehabilitation today.


Louisiana Drug Statistics

1. In Louisiana, the Caribbean, Colombian and Mexican traffickers are mainly responsible for transferring and distribution of Meth, Cocaine, Crack and Marijuana.

2. In Louisiana, of all the substance abuser/addicts of drugs/alcohol, 28 percent are females and 72 percent are males.

3. According to the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, executive director, the deadly car-crash related with alcohol fell from 439 in 2007 to 272 in 2011.

4. In Louisiana, a 46 percent of all Cocaine abusers are in the ages of 31 and 40.

5. The percentage of Heroin users in Louisiana is of 48% in the ages of 21 and 30.

6. About 37,000 (9. 4%) of adolescents in Louisiana used an illegal drug in the past month; 23,000 (5. 8%) used Marijuana and 10,000 (5. 9%) used an illegal drug other than Marijuana.

Drug Facts
  • Individuals who produce PCP put the drug in a variety of medicines or capsules.
  • In blind trials, individuals who were given both heroin and methadone were not able to tell the difference between the effects of each drug.
  • One way of producing hashish is to sift the ground-up, dried leaves through a screen and compress the powder resin to make a brick.
  • Female emergency room visits for suicide attempts involving hydrocodone products rose 67% between 2005 and 2009 (from 4,613 visits in 2005 to 7,715 visits in 2009).